SpesNet endeavours to be the leading healthcare administration organisation, with a specific focus on occupational injuries and diseases. We aim to be the organisation always called first by stakeholders when searching for COID solutions.


SpesNet exists for the sole purpose of streamlining the processes linking funders with healthcare professionals, specifically in the occupational injuries and diseases space. Our solutions are founded upon innovative application of technology as well as systems automation and integration.


At SpesNet we provide healthcare professionals with a credentialed management service. We apply technology innovatively to automate, integrate and streamline the processes between the healthcare professionals and COID funders.  The result is that healthcare professionals can focus on providing healthcare, while our team of dedicated and highly skilled experts work to optimize the practice cash flow.


All payments by funders are made directly into the healthcare professional's bank account by way of EFT, and the service is rendered on the basis of “no recovery, no fee”. The fee is a percentage of the amount recovered.


For more information, please contact your regional SpesNet consultant, or SpesNet head office at:

Tel No: 012 683 0340
E-mail: IOD@spesnet.co.za